Ownership of Anything is Dead

The millennial generation has changed perceptions of everything. What success means. How it is measured. They have literally taken the old rules of “measures of success” and have just thrown them out of the window. The old measures of success was attributed to having a nice house, cars, jewelry. That defined “success.” The reality is that our generation doesn’t care about any of that. In fact we don’t want anything to do with it.

So why in this era do we not want anything? For one it feels like a burden on our shoulders. The maintenance on the house, and cars not only cost money, but also time. Time that we would rather spend pursuing other interests, or just doing whatever we please to do. On the monetary side it just becomes a big “why?” Why does one need to spend their hard earned money on something that truly is not going to give a return on investment in any way.

We want a feeling of being free, which is exactly what owning nothing gives us. Using Uber and public transportation for example allows us to get to where we need to, pay for only what we used, and not have to worry about the hassles thereafter. Renting a place is another good example. When you rent and issues arise, which they will, you do not have to worry about it. The biggest thing about being free is flexibility. In today’s job market people are not staying with one company. They are job hopping, and with job hopping comes moving. Renting makes this so easy you can just pick up and go. With buying not so much as you have the added stress of having to sell your place, which let me tell you is not in your control.

Being free brings clarity in the mind, and less things to worry about. It lets you take risks and explore things you may have not otherwise. Not having the stuff allows for more free money. Having this extra money gives you the leverage to pursue these things you otherwise would not have.

Here is the other problem with the stuff we own, at least in my mind. We get bored of the stuff. Once we have got that new thing, we love it for a decent amount of time, but then we get used to it, and it is not exciting at all after that. Worst of all, we tend to forget about it after a while, and then what. We are sad that we wasted all of that money on something that beings us little to no value in our lives.

Now all this has been made possible because we live in a digital world. Without the technology this would not be possible. But times change and it is best we keep up with the times because it will leave us behind. Just do whatever makes you happy at the end of the day.



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